Success Depends on the Ability to Eliminate and Simplify

In today’s information-overload world the ability to eliminate the non essentials and simplify your vision is paramount to success. When we fail to regularly eliminate the non-essential ideas or processes that clog up lives we lose the ability to give the things that really matter–those things that will transform our lives and our businesses–the full attention and focus they deserve. Once you know what you want to focus on simplifying the plan and vision will accelerate your success.

First, eliminate.

Knowing what to eliminate is just as important as knowing what to focus on.  A diet is a great example. In order to be successful you need to understand what to eat (what to focus on) as well as what you will not eat (the non essentials you need to eliminate) in order to be successful. Letting the non essentials go in order to allow the truly important essentials lead you to success, whether that be certain food or ideas and processes, is crucial for success in a world constantly grabbing for our attention.

How do you know what is important enough to focus on?

Know your ultimate goal, whether it be something personal–“I want to spend 7 hours a week of quality time with my children” –or professional–“I want to develop [fill in the blank] at work.”  Then ask yourself: is this task helping me achieve my ultimate goal? If not, stop it immediately, delegate it, or figure out a way to eliminate it.

Take control of your time and your attention.

This is especially important in our 24/7 email and social media age. The ability to focus, develop an idea, and bring it to completion is becoming a lost art. Those who continue to master the skill of noise elimination will be much more successful than those who are fettered to the never-ending stream of news, information, email, and social media constantly fighting for our attention, our focus, and our time.

As much as you take on it is equally important is to know what to let go. I do this with my clothes, shoes, and household items as much as I do this with my work. I love to shop, but I also love to give things away! If I didn’t, my house would be overrun by stuff, clogging up my life and actually making the process of living more difficult.

By getting rid of things I don’t like, want, or use anymore I allow myself to life more purposefully and effectively. The same goes with work. The list of things to work on will never end. Knowing how to prioritize and eliminate those things that are not connected to your strategic plan and ultimate vision will allow you to pour all of your attention, energy and focus into those things that will move you closer to your goal while letting the non essentials–which are simply clogging up your path–go.

Secondly, simplify.

Sometimes the most challenging part of leading is identifying how to articulate your vision, plan, and measures of success in a succinct and simple way. The ability to do this is crucial to bringing people along on your journey. You won’t get very far alone. Simplifying allows other people to easily jump into your plan in whatever capacity or role they may play. With so much data and information available being able to clearly articulate your vision, plan and measure of success in a way anyone can understand is crucial.

In a word that is constantly grabbing for our attention the ability to recognize those things that serve us–those things that are carrying us towards the execution of our ultimate vision and plan–is crucial. Protect those things. You can do this by eliminating those tasks, items, or ideas that are not contributing to your ultimate vision.

Your success depends on your ability to eliminate the hundreds if not thousands of non essentials that compete for your attention everyday. Once you know what you need to focus on simply the hell out it. Make it so easy to follow and understand anyone will be able to jump in and play their role. Eliminate the non essentials, simplify your vision and your plan and watch as your success accelerates.



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