Why I’m Writing a Blog on Patient and Caregiver Experience in Healthcare

I’m  starting this blog because I have to for an MBA class I’m taking, but mostly because I want to. I’ve had a passion for writing ever since I was a little girl, scribbling entries in my  pink diary about the thrills of second grade.

I studied Writing in college because I loved getting lost in the rhythm of the words. I found my voice in writing, and was able–perhaps for the first time–to come close to articulating the yearnings of my own soul in a way the resonated and at times even inspired others. For that I am humbly and eternally grateful. Nothing feeds my own soul more than to know I was able to make someone else feel less alone.

When I left college and eventually  started working full time, writing stopped, overtaken by  other demands of  life. With it, in many ways, I felt a part of me also stopped.  I’ve missed that aspect of me that occasionally would ring so clear and true, reminding myself of who I am and what I stand for even as the words spilled on the page.

It’s this strength and clarity that I am looking forward to the most as I begin to blog about my work. I’ve never mixed the two before, and I’m excited to see where it goes. The desire to improve healthcare and the healthcare experience for those that use its services (everyone!) is something that I am deeply passionate about. Writing and the connection it offers to engage with others is also something I love to do, so I am looking forward to the collision of the two passions in this new endeavor. Come join me!




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